Burn Pit Oil And

Figures 2-1 and 2-14 show the burn pit at the exit end of the blooey line. The burn pit should always be located away from the standard mud drilling reserve pit (water storage for an emergency mud drilling operation). This design of pit location prevents any hydrocarbon liquids from flowing into the reserve pit, thus, preventing reserve pit fires near the rig. The burn pit is located downwind from the drilling rig. Such a location keeps the smoke and any dust from the drilling operation from blowing back over the drilling rig. The burn pit must be lined with an impermeable layer of commercial clay to prevent contamination of surrounding soil and ground water. Usually the burn pit is designed with a high berm (~6 ft) at one side of the pit (opposite the exit from the blooey line). This berm prevents high velocity rock particles and liquid slugs from passing over the burn pit. The burn pit is part of the drilling site location preparation.

Figure 2-14: Schematic of burn pit, reserve pit, and blooey line plan [3].

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    What is burn pit in wellhead?
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    What is a pit in oil and gas?
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