Water Injection Pump

Unstable foam (mist) drilling operations require the injection of water into the compressed air flow before the air is injected into the well. The water injection pump injects water, chemical corrosion inhibitors, and liquid foamers into the compressed air flow line. Figure 2-2 shows a skid mounted water injection pump for air and gas drilling operations. These skid mounted water injection pumps are used for the deep drilling operations. These pumps are capable of injecting up to 20 bbl/hr (at 42 gal/bbl) into the air or gas flow to the well.

The smaller drilling rigs have on-board water injection pumps. These smaller rig water injection pumps have capabilities from 10 to 25 gal/min. The small water injection pump carries out the same objective on these smaller rigs as the skid mounted water pump for the larger double and triple drilling rigs. The injection of water and appropriate chemicals and foamer is a vital option for air and gas drilling operations. Very few air and gas drilling operations are carried out without some water, chemical additives, and foam producing additives being injected.

Foam Air Drilling
Figure 2-2: Water injection pump (courtesy of Mountain Air Drilling Services).

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