Well Profile Directional

11) Write in the correct term to correctly complete the following sentence.

A well profile is the planned well trajectory from the surface_to the final drilling depth.

  1. Which of the following must be known to determine the best geometric well profile from the surface to the bottomhole target? Select all the correct answers.
  2. The TVD of the target b) The position of the surface location c) The position of the target location d) The density of the target
Directional Well
  1. Identify the features of the directional well profile.
  2. End of Buildup (1)
  3. Start of Drop (2)
  4. End of Drop (3)
  5. Target Displacement (4)
  6. Well Inclination (5)
  7. Match each well profile feature with its definition.
  8. The geographical position on earth where the well starts b) The location at a given depth below the surface where the wellbore is deviated in a given direction c) The change of inclination of a wellbore where the angle is increased d) Determines the rate a well profile turns in azimuth direction
  9. Kickoff Point (b)
  10. Surface Location (a)
  11. Buildup Rate (c)
  12. Turn Rate (d)

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