An operator is planning to drill below intermediate casing and use the largest-diameter bit possible. With the casing configuration given as follows, what size bit should he use?

Casing Size, in. Casing Weight, lb/ft Casing Depth, ft


  1. Since the heaviest-weight casing will be the most restrictive with respect to inner diameters, the 53.5-lb/ft casing will dictate the maximum bit size.
  2. Using Table 7-3, the 53.5-lb/ft casing will allow the use of an STs-inch bit.
  3. Note that the maximum acceptable bit size will always be less than the ID of the casing, which was 8.535 in. in the example.

Another important consideration in the hit size description is the tolerance in the bit gauge. The operator must be aware that a bit may be a different

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