Overview of the Planning Process

Well planning is an orderly process. It requires that some aspects of the plan be developed before designing other items. For example, the mud density plan must be developed before the casing program since mud weights have an impact on pipe requirements. Fig. t-2 illustrates a commonly used flow path for a well plan.

Bit programming can be done at any time in the plan after the historical data have been analyzed. The bit program is usually based on the drilling parameters from offset wells. However, bit selection can be affected by the mud plan, i.e., the performance of PCD bits in oil muds. In addition, bit sizing may be controlled by casing drift diameter requirements.

Casing and tubing should be considered as an integral design. This fact is particularly valid for production casing. A design criteria for tubing is the drift diameter of the production casing, whereas the production casing can be affected adversely by tlie packer-to-tubing forces created by the tubing's tendencies for movement. Unfortunately, these calculations are complex and often neglected.

The completion plan must be visualized reasonably early in the process. Its primary effect is on the size of casing and tubing to be used if oversized tubing or packers are required. In addition, the plan can require the use of high-strength tubing or unusually long seal assemblies in certain situations.

Fig. 1-2 defines an orderly process for well planning. This process must be altered for various eases. The flow path in this illustration will be followed, for the most part, throughout this text.

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