Experiment No Oil Well Cementing Experiment


To show the effects of varying amounts of mixing water on the physical properties of Portland cement. These properties are Free Water Separation, Normal and Minimum Water Content and Thickening Time.

Test Equipment

The Atmospheric Consistometer

The Atmospheric Consistometer consists of a Stainless Steel Water bath that houses the slurry containers. An instrument panel houses components that allow control of the bath at any temperature from ambient to 93oC, and rotation of the slurry containers at 150 RPM. Units of consistency of the cement are directly indicated on the top dials of the slurry containers. The containers are rotated by engaging the pins of the lid in the slots of the rotator. The rotators have timing sprockets, belt driven by a gear-head motor. The belt also drives an impeller, which agitates the bath water. The motor should be turned off while engaging or disengaging the containers. Temperature is indicated and controlled by a Thermocouple actuated Potentiometric Type Temperature Controller. The Controller actuates a relay, controlling a 1,500- watt heater. Switches and Pilot Lights are provided as required by the operation. A dial thermometer indicates bath temperature when the temperature controller indicator is off the scale. The entire instrument has overall dimensions of 15" (39 cm) wide x 15" (38 cm) deep x 19" (48 cm) high.

Oil Well Cementing
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