Choke Line

A left or right control with a center position return that will allow the student to open or close the hydraulic control valve.

(5) Choke Manifold (Land): This set up is designed to full sized model of a typical choke manifold on the rig. It consists of eleven gate valves operated by several turns of valve handle, Remote Choke (activated from a panel), Remote Outer Choke Valve and Kill Line valve (both controlled from the BOP Panel) as well as the Left and Right Manual Chokes. Both drill pipe and pressure gauges are also included. The entire set up provides the necessary support for fluid circulation and well control operation. Line-up procedure:

  1. Open all valves between the choke line and the Automatic Hydraulic Choke (Remote Choke Manifold).
  2. Keep all other valves closed.
Petroleum Choke Manifolds

Following is a detailed description of the various components of the Choke Manifold (Land)

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