Laboratory Manual Part Ii




(1) Stand pipe Manifold

The stand pipe manifold is designed with provisions for stand pipe connection to the rig pumps (1 & 2), the cement pump and the kill line. This enables the conduction of drilling mud to the bit, and cement to the annulus, during drilling and cementation, respectively. In addition, a separate line connects this manifold to a manual adjustable choke. All lines can be isolated by gate valves. Below is a diagram showing the standpipe manifold: Line-up Procedures for Flow Systems. 1. Stand Pipe Manifold i. Line up and connect both pumps (1) and 2 to Stand Pipe and open all valves in between.

ii. Keep cement pump shut.

Standpipe Manifold

A detailed description of the Standpipe Manifold is as follows:

  • a) Gate Valves: These are fully operational valves that are either fully opened, fully closed or in a cracked position. They also require alignment by students.
  • b) Manifold Pressure Gauge: This measures the Standpipe pressure (2) Drawwork Console:

The Drawwork console, which looks exactly like the one on a regular drilling rig contains five clutches and rheostat controls that control the drum, rotary table and the pumps (both mud and cement). In addition, the drawwork brake enhances a mechanism for controlling the weight on bit, penetration rate and the lifting of the drill string.

Drilling Console

A detailed discussion of the Drawwork Console is as follows:

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  • gianleone conti
    How to align the standpipe manifold?
    8 years ago
  • diamanda
    How do u align the standpipe 1 from pump 1 to the trip tank?
    5 years ago
  • Saara
    What are the three operational position of the gate valves of the stand pipe manifold?
    10 months ago

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