Laboratory Safety Instructions

Safety in the laboratory must be of vital concern to all those engaged in experimental science work. It is therefore the responsibility of everyone to adhere strictly to the basic safety precautions provided and to avoid any acts of carelessness that can endanger his life and that of others around him. It is equally important to always abide by all the instructions for conducting the experimental work during the laboratory sessions. Below are some guidelines for general laboratory safety and procedures:

  1. All students must be familiar with the locations and operational procedures of the Emergency Shower, Fire Extinguishers, Gas Masks and Fire Blankets. These safety devices pictured below.
  2. Laboratory coats, safety glasses and safety shoes MUST be worn at all times during the laboratory session. NO THOABS and open sandals are allowed during the laboratory sessions.
  3. Eating, drinking and smoking are strictly PROHIBITED in the laboratory at all times. Laboratory glassware should NEVER be used for drinking purpose.
  4. Report any injury immediately for First Aid treatment, no matter how small.
  5. Report any damage to equipment or instrument and broken glassware to the laboratory instructor as soon as such damage occurs.
Laboratory Safety Gas Mask

Fire Blankets

Emergency Shower

Fire Blankets

Gas Mask and Fire Extinguisher

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