Advantages Of Adding Weighting Material To

f Vo + Vb Pb -P f where pf = Final Mud Density po = Original Mud Density pB = Barite Density = 35.82 ppg VO = Original Mud Volume VB = Barite Volume WtB = Barite Weight

NB: Specific Gravity of Barite = 4.3

Test Procedure

  1. Calculate and list the amount of barite required to increase the density of each batch from 8.6 ppg to 9, 10, 11 and 12 ppg.
  2. Obtain 400 cc of original base mud (density 8.6)
  3. Add the calculated amount of barite to each batch, stir for about 2 minutes and measure the Apparent and Plastic Viscosities and Yield Point.
  4. Repeat step 3 for Salt water-base mud.
  5. Tabulate the results and plot the density (ppg ), viscosity (apparent and plastic) and yield point versus the amount of barite added..


  1. Obtain a 350 c.c. of water base mud of 13.5 ppg weight and 9.5 pH.
  2. Add water incrementally and measure the Mud weight every time to reach 10.5 ppg and same (9.5) pH.
  3. Measure the viscosity and gel-strength and check if any change occurred.
  4. List your results in an appropriate table.
  5. List the advantages obtained by adding weighting material to mud.
  6. List three (3) names of weighting material.
  7. What are the disadvantages of adding solids to the water based mud?
  8. Give reasons for adding water to your mud.
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  • immacolata
    What are the advantages of adding weighting marerial to mud?
    2 years ago
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    What are the advantages of adding weighting material to mud?
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