Remote Choke Panel Operation

  1. Identify all controls on this panel.
  2. Turn on the power supply control to the panel using the power lever c) Open and close the choke and observe the choke position at various rates of opening and closing.
  3. Utilize the switches and lever systems to control the Shut in Casing Pressure (SICP) and Shut in Drill Pipe Pressure (SIDPP) as needed during kick circulation.
Shut Casing Pressure
  1. Describe the step-wise procedure for circulating mud at the rate of 75 Strokes per minute (SPM) during a normal drilling operation.
  2. Describe a detail procedure for taking a Slow Circulating Rate(SCR) of 25 SPM.
  3. Describe the step-wise procedure for rotating the drill string at a rate of 60 RPM during normal drilling.
  4. Provide a complete description of how to perform the following:
  5. Run-in hole and putting 25,000 lb (WOB).
  6. Pulling out of hole and securing the well safely.

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