Checklist For Technical Writing

  1. Before beginning, classify the technical writing task: The Final Well Report (FWR), and in particular the Drilling and Engineering section, is an "engineering report".
  2. Determine the desired length of the written work: The length of the FWR is determined by company recommendations, modified by the amount of data/information to be presented.
  3. Define the reason for writing the piece: The FWR is used to report findings, conclusions and recommendations concerning the well that was drilled. Additional reasons for the FWR are to persuade the client to continue to use our services and to publicize our new products and services.
  4. Classify the typical readers of the work: The typical readers of The FWR will be between 25 and 50 years of age and probably have at least a Masters degree. They will probably be an engineer or geologist with good reading skills, and will use the FWR for business reasons.
  5. Collect data you will need for your writing: Most of the data will come from the logging unit's data collection devices (i.e. computers, chart recorders, etc.). Additional data will come from the logging geologists and DrillByte operators working at the wellsite.
  6. Get additional data from other sources: During the course of the well much information can be collected from discussions with others at the wellsite, by observing equipment and/or operations as they are in progress, by studying the well prognosis, and visiting the Baker Hughes INTEQ or clients office for discussions.

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