Drill Pipe Grades

There are four common grades of drill pipe which define the yield strength and tensile strength of the steel being used.






Minimum Yield Strength (psi)





Minimum Tensile Strength (psi)





Grade E, composed of a lower grade of steel, is sometimes referred to as "mild" steel, because it has the lowest yield strength per unit area. As such, mild steel is generally defined as steel with a yield strength of less than 80,000 psi. As can be seen, Grade E drill pipe has a lower yield strength in psi than the high strength drill pipe grades, however once the yield strength is exceeded, it can withstand a greater percentage of stretch or "strain" prior to parting. Lower grades of steel such as Grade E are also more resistant to corrosion and cracking. Grade E has been utilized in medium depth wells (10,000 to 15,000 feet).

In the 1980's, as horizontal drilling, high inclination extended reach wells and deep hole drilling applications increased, so has the demand for high strength drill pipe. It is common in deep hole applications for high strength drill pipe to be utilized in the upper portion of the string to keep the tension load within the capabilities of the steel. In high dogleg environments, such as those encountered in medium and short radius horizontal wells, high strength drill pipe can withstand the associated bending stresses. In high inclination and horizontal wells, high strength drill pipe is also commonly run in compression. One drawback of higher grades of steel is that they are generally less resistant to corrosion, like that caused by hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Limited availability also contributes to the higher cost.

The yield and tensile strengths are in "pounds per square inch of the cross sectional area" of the drill pipe. In order to calculate yield strength in pounds, this cross sectional area must be known. This leads to a discussion of drill pipe classes.

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