Effective Dip Angle in a Deviated Hole

In a directional well, the effective dip angle is the angle at which the bit strikes the bedding planes.

Dip Angle Drilling

Figure 5-52: At high dip angles, deviation tendency is down-dip.

Hole Deviation
Figure 5-53: Hole inclination = 30°; Real dip angle = 35°; Effective dip angle = 30° + 35° = 65°; There will be a down-dip deviation force.
Deviation Inclination Drilling
Figure 5-54: Hole inclination = 0°; Effective angle of dip equals real dip angle (35°); There will be an up-dip deviation force.
Hole Deviation
Figure 5-55: Hole inclination = 35°; Real dip angle = 35°; Effective dip angle = 0; There will be no deviation force.

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    How many dips of bole hole when drilling?
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