Calcium Bromide

Toxicity There are no published data indicating that calcium bromide is a hazardous material to handle. However, it is considered toxic when ingested in large amounts. It is also a mild irritant to the skin and eyes. Inhalation results in irritation of the mucous membranes in the nose and throat. Because of an exothermic reaction, calcium bromide fluid can burn bare hands when sacked CaBr2 is added to the solution. Burns caused by these fluids are the result of a chemical reaction with moisture on the skin.

Safety Precautions Prolonged contact with the skin and eyes should be avoided. Clean, long-legged clothing and rubber boots should be worn. Eye protection should be worn and a dust respirator used for severe exposure. Contaminated clothing should be changed. Barrier creams should always be used when handling these brines.

First Aid Measures The following first aid measures should be used:

  1. For contact with eyes and skin, flush promptly with plenty of water.
  2. For inhalation, if illness occurs, remove the victim to fresh air, keep him or her warm and quiet, and get medical attention.
  3. For ingestion, induce vomiting, and get medical attention.

Environmental Considerations Local regulations should be observed. Care should be taken to ensure that streams, ponds, lakes, or oceans are not polluted with calcium bromide.

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