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The BAROID MUD CENTRIFUGE cuts mud costs by efficiently recovering valuable barite, rejecting unwanted solids arid providing better control of viscosity, gel, filtration rate and cake thickncss. When used as a desander, on low weight rnud, ihe centrifuge will remove solids without wasting valuable lluid.

A large throughput mud volume can be efficiently processed willi accurate control of output weight, Flow-ralors allow direct reading of mud and water volume, A tachometer provides continuous speed readings and total operating hours. All equipment has been specialty designed to reduce maintenance and increase efficiencv.

The BAROID MUD CENTRIFUGE is available in two models: Standard and Compact. Either model can be mounted on any mud pit or tank. The Compact unit can be installed iri an area as .small as 27" high, '13" wide and 90" long. Both units are powered by a dicscl, gasoline, natural ga3 or butane engine that is separately skid mounted and can he placed anywhere within fifty feet of ihe centrifuge unit. The mud to be processed is pumped to the centrifuge unit by a small portable pump that can easily be handled by two men. The pump can lie placed in ihe mud tank, pit or reserve pit.

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The Baroid Automatic flu Detection nnd Alarm Syslcm for compressor station protection was developed by RaroirJ lo meet an expressed need for a reliable, automatic system dial will nol generate f.iise alarm warning* oi gas Iraki Jtnd gas contamination Jmild tifi in gas compressor stations,

Tilt instnnrnl tan be built lo lesl sir samples from any number ol loralions up to eighteen. IIH" le»t cyrle doe* n'it exceed I.S .sec/ sampling poinl regardless of the number of sample points. If na.s it detected »1 any point, the tot cycle may be interrupted and a hand sampler tisc(l to determine the soarrc of [lir leak manually. Oncc die leak is located, ihe mUrmtirm can 1« switched hack to automatic operation. If for any reason this ■ nol done, the instrument returns if-elf to automatic operation after one hour.

Ao airpiinipinK «yHlern delivttti ihe utmpks !o ihe detector element and coiwiiiuouxly pur^o all «injsli; linn. A standby air-pump automatically switches into operation if ihe primary ,'iirpiimp fails.

The pat deleclini unit teMs file Instrument daily nnd before registering an aliicni. Il featurus mitoniaiic zeroing, uutamulin sensitivity clicekirt};, automatic filament burnout deteetjnn and automatic switching to u hlandliy detector unit if the primary unit is inoperable.

Four output -sijcnttls provide: 111 warning when gas content of I lie air sample rr.iche* a pre-rtatenaiined Im-el, (2) alarm wlicn gas con-lent reach** the danger level, (3) signal* when the syaieiu needs service, mid 14) when the system is inoperable.

Tins entire unit is niuunled in enameled Heel cabinet, 70" high, 24"

wide and 22" deep, i'am-li and chassis are of arodi/.ed aluminum. Power requirements: lfl.ri lo !'M volts, AC, 60 cycle. 500 watts. Ksplosion proof unit.-, are available.

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