Merco A Concentrator

The Merco A-24 Concentrator is a high speed centrifugal unit specifically designed for the concentration of weighting material in rotary drilling mud. In actual operation, it may be employed on a drilling well, or may be put to use on mud sumps. For either type of application, operation of the equipment is the sainc but the objective achieved will differ in this respect; On a drilling well, the purpose of processing the mud through the A-24 is to maintain the mud in proper condition at all times. When salvaging material from the mud sump, the A-24 concentrates the valuable weighting materials into a small volume for re-use on other wells.

Capacity of the A-24 Concentrator will vary according to the conditions encountered on each individual well. However, for purposes of computation the capacity of this unit on mud conditioning will be between 25 and 60 GPM.

Operational Data

Shown below is a cutaway view of the A-24. Mud from the sump or from the return circulation is introduced into the A-24 either lull strength, or diluted with water if this is desirable. It enters the Concentrator at (A); here it is suhjected to high centrifugal force which separates the heavier solids from the lighter liquid in separation chamher (B). The concentrated solid underflow occurs at (C); waste material leaves machine through overflow port (D).

Automotic Conlrol of Seporation

An exclusive feature of the Merco A-24 Concentrator, known as the Specific Gravity Control, coupled with the Merco Return Flow Principle permits the operator to regulate the degree of concentration of solids at any desired density, Once set, this regulating device automatically maintains the specific gravity of the mud regardless of the density of the feed.

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