Reciprocating Pipeline Pumps

Forged or Cast Steel Pumps are built for capacities of iOCO to SO,000 bbls. per day and pressures up to 1000 lbs.

", |,r,4,. Pilrc" VibrJthtV. iVrc'i fur driHru^

Hearings arc anti-friction, Alemite lubricatcd. Power js through Texrope V-belt from a steam turbine or elcctric motor. Feed and discharge boxes for drilling mud and discharge spout for cuttings can be provided. The unit is suited for rough service.

Rotary Com. prfJJOr /or Gal Lift. Unit!

may be duett* connected malar driven or tlrirt/t by C n -RtHCM limit, >Ji Tcxrope Jrirtt or flat trttiu

The smooth operation, small dimensions, continuous delivery and absence of maintenance requirements arc a few

Oil Field Winches, Wheel-Type Winches and Winch Tractors are handled exclusively by Fred E, Cooper, Tulsa, Oklahoma, whose advertisement appears on next page.

MoJct ' M' Tfitk'Type Tractor 29 Drawbar Hüriepowvr

Model "X" Traclt'Typc- Trader 4i Drawbar Horlcpowcr

Modit "V* Tratir-Typt Tractor 76 Drawbar Hortepower

Model "X" Traclt'Typc- Trader 4i Drawbar Horlcpowcr luniks which are available


Oil Field Tractors arc built in a variety of sixes to suit the job. Model "L" has a pull oi 76 horsepower and weighs app rox i m a t e 1 y 22.000 pounds. This tractor lias mm speeds forward and two reverse. It wili fit into the heaviest hauling conditions. Model "K" has a drawbar pull of <15 horsepower and weighs ap-|/r o x i m a t c l y II ,C!H pounds. Lt is equipped with J forward speeds, one reverse. Model "M" lias a drawbar rating of 29 horsepower, weighs approximately 6,2C0 pounds and is equipped with four forward speeds—one reverse.

All AIIis - Chalmers trac.V-type tractors are equipped with renewable sleeve engines of the latest type—all are of unit construction and spccial A-C tracks of the Ion g-w earing ground-gripping type.

Track-type Wagoni with logging or oil-may be used in tandem for extra long in capacities up to tons.

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