Rotary Compressors

Rotary Compressors and Dry Vacuum Pumps of the multi-ccllular, sliding-vane type, in both watcr-cooled and arr-cooled designs, are built for a ranee of volumes from 50 to 2000_^fm, at pressures up to 150 lbs., and vacuums up to 29.8j" mercury. The air-cooled units are suitable for pressures up to 10 lbs. G., and vacuums up to 18" mercury, and the water-cooled units for higher pressures and vacuums, These Rotary Compressors are especially suitable for low-pressure air and gas lift and rcpressuiiug, for gas booster service and for air agitation work in refineries.

"Rdnneit" Ctitlrifa&al Pip* Line Pumping Unit.

can be installed outdoors if desired. These units arc suitable for crude oil or gasoline pipe line service either main line or booster and similar high pressure applications. Three sizes are available, a 4" size with 200-lip. motor, a fj" size with 400 hp. motor and an 8" size with 700 hp. motor which will take care of a pumping range of from' 7COO to 38,000 barrels per day against 800 pounds pressure. These units are known as the "Rannetl" type after the inventors Messrs. Moran and Bennett, and were developed and built by Allis-Clialniers. This highly advanced, new type of pipe line pumping unit is now made available to the oil industry for pipe line pumping service. Additional information will be furnished on request.

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