Shaker Screens And Parts

Contact your nearest Medearis office, Geol-ograph office, or your Medearis-Geolograph agent for shaker screens or repair parts for all brands and models of shale shakers.


The newly engineered and redesigned Medearis mud shakers have fewer moving parts than any other shale shaker in the Industry, and the simplicity ol construction and operation reduces maintenance costs far below what is considered normal. New type rubber cushions and screen assembly increases screen life at least 25% over prior models.

All ol the shaker units are equipped with a surge box in which the (low of mud coming directly from the well is slowed down, and using internal mud wings and new flow gate control, the mud (low is evenly distributed over the entire screen deck.

All Medearis shaker units are equipped with bypass valves or gates for bypassing the shaker during mechanical maintenance, or when using lost circulation material that should not be screened out of the mud.

All parts are corrosion protected, and the vibrator housing and screen box are hot-dip galvanized. The vibrator is roller-bearing mounted and housed for complete protection. Tension and vibration are uniform over all parts ol the screen cloth. The compact design also contributes to easier handling and operation.

Depending upon screen mesh opening and pump capacity, the Medearis single deck shaker will handle up to 800 GPM of average drilling mud; the single deck dual shaker will handle up to 1600 GPM, the double deck single shaker will handle up to 1000 GPM, and the double deck dual shaker will handle up to 2000 GPM of average drilling mud.

Units can be supplied with open bottoms for mounting on an existing tank, or with a bottom collection and distribution tank, as well as with or without surge boxes.

Mud Agitator Tank

br brandt m company

One of the world s ieading designers and manufacturers of solids control equipment

6300 Midvale Houston. Texas 77087 Phone (713) 644-1638 TWX 9108815451

Brandt Cuttings Cleaner

The Brandt Cuttings Cleaner is designed to clean drill cuttings generated Irom holes where inverted emulsion muds are in use. The cleaning process uses chemical cleaners developed in conjunction with Exxon Chemical Co. The cleaners are relatively non-toxic to life.

easy to handle in a wide range of temperatures, compatible with Ihe dril/ing systems used, and they clean to an acceptable level. When the cleaning solution becomes saturated, it can be disposed ol into the active mud system.

The How diagram shows the modular cleaning unit concept, designed to clean to a predetermined level By adding modules, cleaner levels are reached. The unit cleans cuttings at the rate of 125 cubic feel per hour—Ihe equivalent of 75 leet-per-hour drilling 15-inch-diameter hole. Feed rate through the system is 15 gpm of solids.

The equipment is assembled on oilfield type skids and can be used onshore or offshore.

Agitator B

Wash Tank

Flow Diagram for the Brandt Cuttings Cleaner

Dnll Cuttings from £ Rig Shaker

Tandem Separator 8

Tandem Separator A

Agilaior A

Desiller A

Diaphragm Pump B

CmIrtfuflal Pump A

Tandem Separator A

Desiller A


Diaphragm Pump A

3-0" Modula A

Cenlriluflal Pump ß

Diaphragm Pump A

Modulo B

3-0" Modula A

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