Oil Mud Calculations

The following set of calculations describe how to either raise or lower the oil/water (O/W) ratio of an oil-based mud. If water enters an oil mud, the O/W ratio will decrease and if the O/W ratio is to be raised, then oil will have to be added. The amount of oil required to raise the O/W ratio can be calculated as follows:

Raise oil/water ratio - add oil

  • oil + x ■
  • O/W (desired)

% water

If the O/W ratio is desired to be lowered, then water must be added based on the following equation: Lower oil/water ratio - add water % water + x


retort analysis: 52% oil by vol

10% water by vol

How much oil is required to increase O/W to 88/12? Therefore:

  • 52 + x)/10 = 88/12
  • 52 + x)/10 = 7.33

Resulting volume = 1 bbl mud + 0.213 bbl oil = 1.213 bbl

To convert to one barrel final volume, divide the mud and the oil volume by the resulting volume. 1 bbl mud /1.213 bbl = 0.82 bbl mud 0.213 bbl oil / 1.213 bbl = 0.18 bbl oil

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