Sand Content

This simple test is used to determine the volume percent sand-sized particles in a mud. The information is used to make adjustments in solids control equipment. Sand causes excessive wear on mixing equipment, drill string, and on pump parts.

The sand content in a mud system is estimated by wet screen analysis using a 200-mesh (74-micron) screen. It should be recognized that it is a size-classification of particles and other products, such as lost circulation materials (LCM), lignite, coarsely-ground barite, etc. will also show up as sand-sized particles. The presence of these solids, especially LCM, should be noted and quantified if sufficient volume is present (Figure 17).

Figure 17 Sand Content Equipment

Figure 17 Sand Content Equipment

Sand Content Tube


  1. Fill glass measure tube to "mud" line with mud. Add water to next scribed mark. Place thumb over mouth of tube and shake vigorously.
  2. Pour mixture onto the clean screen. Add more water to tube and shake. Pour onto screen. Discard liquid that passes through the screen.
  3. Repeat Step 2 until wash water is clean. Then wash sand retained on screen in order to free any adhering mud.
  4. Place funnel on top of screen assembly. Slowly invert assembly and insert tip of funnel into glass tube. Wash sand back into tube with a fine spray of water or a wash bottle.
  5. Allow sand to settle. Read and record volume percent sand from graduations on the glass measuring tube.

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