Annular volume

a) Drill collar/open hole:

Barrels =

x 600ft

Barrels = 0.0836 x 600 ft

Barrels = 50.16

b) Drill pipe/open hole:

x 4900f

Barrels = 0.12149 x 4900ft x 4900f

Barrels = 0.12149 x 4900ft

Barrels = 595.3

c) Drill pipe/cased hole:

Barrels =-x 4500 ft


Barrels = 0.130307 x 4500 ft Barrels = 586.38

d) Total annular volume:

Total annular vol = 50.16 + 595.3 + 586.38 Total annular vol = 1231.84 barrels

Advertising With Circulars

Advertising With Circulars

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