Basic Calculations

Volumes and Strokes 31. Slug Calculations 33. Accumulator Capacity 37. Bulk Density of Cuttings 41. Drill String Design (Limitations) 42. Ton-Mile Calculations 44. Cementing Calculations 47. Weighted Cement Calculations 53. Calculations for the Number of Sacks of Cement Required 54. Calculations for the Number of Feet to Be Cemented 57. Setting a Balanced Cement Plug 61. Differential Hydrostatic Pressure Between Cement in the Annulus and Mud Inside the Casing 65. Hydraulicing Casing 66. Depth of a Washout 70. Lost Returns—Loss of Overbalance 71. Stuck Pipe Calculations 72. Calculations Required for Spotting Pills 75. Pressure Required to Break Circulation 79.

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