Cement additive calculations

a) Weight of additive per sack of cement: Weight, lb = percent of additive x 941b/sk b) Total water requirement, gal/sk, of cement:

Water, gal/sk = . .. . + ,,, requirement, gal/sk requirement, gal/sk c) Volume of slurry, gal/sk:


Vol gal/sk

SG of cement x8.331b/gal weight of additive, lb

SG of additive x 8.331b/gal + water volume, gal d) Slurry yield, ft3/sk:

Yield, ft3/sk = vol of slurry, gal/sk 7.48 gal/ft3

e) Slurry density, lb/gal: 94 + wtof additive + (8.33 x vol of water/sk)

Density, lb/gal vol of slurry, gal/sk

Example: Class A cement plus 4% bentonite using normal mixing water:

Determine the following:

Amount of bentonite to add Total water requirements Slurry yield Slurry weight

1) Weight of additive:

2) Total water requirement:

Water = 5.1 (cement) + 2.6 (bentonite) Water = 7.7 gal/sk of cement

3) Volume of slurry:

Vol, gal/sk = 3.5938 + 0.1703 + 7.7 Vol = 11.46 gal/sk

Yield, ft3/sk = 11.46gal/sk + 7.48 gal/ft3 Yield = 1.53 ft3/sk

5) Slurry density, lb/gal: 94 + 3.76 + (8.33 x 7.7)




Density = 14.13 lb/gal

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