Feet of pipe pulled WET to lose overbalance

overbalance, psi x (casing cap. - pipe cap. - pipe disp.) — --------—--

mud wt., ppg x 0.052 x (pipe cap. + pipe disp., bbl/ft)

Example: Determine the feet of WET pipe that must be pulled to lose the overbalance using the following data:

Amount of overbalance = 150 psi Casing capacity = 0.0773 bbl/ft

Pipe capacity = 0.01776bbl/ft

Pipe displacement = 0.0075 bbl/ft Mud weight = 11.5 ppg


  1. 5 ppg x 0.052 x 0.02526 7.806
  2. 0151054 Feet = 516.8

Metric calculations drilling fluid _ metal displacement, „ n nQ8, Pressure drop per ^ density; kg/| * ym_X

meter tripping - casjn„ capacity, metal displacement, dry pipe, bar/m ,/m - l/m

Pressure drop per meter tripping dry pipe, bar/m

Pressure drop per meter tripping wet pipe, bar/m

Pressure dropper meter tripping = wet pipe, bar/m

Level drop for POOH drill collars drilling fluid metal displacement, x q q^ j density, bar/m 1/m_'

casing capacity, 1/m metal displacement, 1/m drilling fluid density, kg/1

pipe capacity, 1/m x 0.0981

annular capacity, 1/m drilling fluid density, bar/m

pipe capacity, 1/m annular capacity, 1/m length of drill collars, m x metal disp., 1/m casing capacity, 1/m

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