Volume of slug

Step 1

Length of slug in drill pipe, ft:

Slug length, ft = slug vol, bbl + drill pipe capacity, bbl/ft

Step 2

Hydrostatic pressure required to give desired drop inside drill pipe: HP, psi = mud wt, ppg x 0.052 x ft of dry pipe

Step 3

Weight of slug, ppg: Slug wt, ppg = HP, psi + 0.052 ^ slug length, ft + mud wt, ppg

Example: Determine the weight of slug required for the following: Desired length of dry pipe (2 stands) = 184 ft Mud weight = 12.2ppg

Volume of slug = 25 bbl

Drill pipe capacity = 0.01422 bbl/ft

Step 1

Length of slug in drill pipe, ft:

Slug length, ft = 25 bbl + 0.01422bbl/ft Slug length = 1758 ft

Step 2

Hydrostatic pressure required: HP, psi = 12.2ppg x 0.052 x 184ft HP = 117 psi

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