Creative approach

"We thought that if we were going to give the agents independence from typical insurance, we should give them independence from typical insurance advertising," said Leo Burnett's creative head.

To underscore the independence theme, Leo Burnett and Encompass created a campaign drawing on the rhetoric and

Figure B.14 Encompass Insurance

Source: © Encompass Holdings, LLC

the images of the American Revolution—the war of independence (Figure B.14). Messaging was designed to position Encompass as a smart, spunky underdog willing to fight for the agents who sell its insurance as well as its customers.

The tagline "You value your independence. We insure it." gives the message that by providing quality insurance options, Encompass helps satisfy the independent agent's customers, and will therefore help perpetuate the agent's independent lifestyle.

The look of the print campaign is distinctive: the pages are designed to look like weathered parchment and the images are black and white sketch drawings, the kind that appear in high school history books.

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