Creative approach

Through mass marketing, a consistent message was established across all channels focusing on the battle that farmers wage against pests (see Figure B.2). The tag line was "Because we don't have to!" One television execution featured these lines:

Why don't we give our corn to the insects?

Hey, why don't we give our kites to the trees?

Why don't we give our libraries to the loud?

Why don't we just give our picnics to the ants?

Why don't we give our corn to the insects?

Because we don't have to.

Capture Insecticide. Any pest. Every time.

Very graphic visuals in the various executions included a child holding an ice cream covered in flies, kites caught in trees, a young woman swimming in a pool filled with algae, and picnickers covered in ants. The images were particularly striking because their somewhat shocking content was juxtaposed against soft music and slow camera movement. The print campaign was simple, yet effective. It featured a cornfield with military troops on guard where the roots would be.

The dealer marketing was coupled with information about other FMC products. The first contact was a big box that included a store display, product brochures, and a flip book showing military men beating up rootworms. Following this contact was a specific mailing which focused exclusively

Figure B.2 Capture Insecticide

Source: Courtesy of FMC Corporation

Figure B.2 Capture Insecticide

Source: Courtesy of FMC Corporation on Capture (subsequent mailings featured the other FMC products).

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