Freedom Fighting Weapons

Freedom Fighters can be an excellent target for many marketers. They are large enough (1 to 50 employees) to spend moderately on items that are important to them. They often run more stable companies than their Mountain Climber

Product Category

Freedom Fighter Positioning

Wealth management services (e.g., mutual funds, investment advice, etc.)

You've spent so many years taking care of everyone else— isn't it time you made sure you were taken care of too?

Group benefit plans

All good leaders give their teams peace of mind.

Credit cards with frequent flyer miles

Use the card for business and take the family away.

Figure 1.23 Selling to Freedom Fighters

Figure 1.23 Selling to Freedom Fighters cousins, keeping cash in the bank instead of constantly reinvesting in the business. Owners are often well-off personally, which opens up the entire wealth management category to marketers. Figure 1.23 shows an incomplete list of products that Freedom Fighters buy and the corresponding positioning likely to resonate with them:

The secret to selling to a Freedom Fighter is appealing to their need for independence, their paternal management style, and their sense of responsibility to their employees.



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