How to Choose Your Aggregator

Aggregating to reach small business can provide you with more than just a larger prospect base. Savvy small business marketers choose an aggregator that can also help them address their marketing challenges. Specifically, aggregation can help overcome two key challenges:

  1. If you have a complex product or service, a physical location as an aggregator can help you communicate a complicated offer through high-touch sales channels (i.e., live bodies to explain your offer in person).
  2. If you compete in a highly competitive product category, an aggregator can often add a unique feature to your product to create a differentiated offer.

The type of aggregator you choose should depend on your particular marketing challenge. If your products or services are very complex or unfamiliar to the small business market, you should choose a partner that lets you get up close and personal with as many business owners as possible—a physical aggregator.

However, if your product or service falls into a very competitive, commodity-based category and you struggle for a point of differentiation, aggregate with those who can help you create new features that distinguish your offer from that of the competition.



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