Price Sensitive

Craftspeople are the most price-sensitive of the three psycho-graphic profiles. The Craftsperson's stinginess stems from a simplistic approach to business.

Most Craftspeople do not distinguish their personal and business bank accounts in their mind. Many of them have separated their business banking on paper; in reality, however, they see their money as one big (or small) pot. As a result, purchases that would be considered a cost of doing business for Freedom Fighters and Mountain Climbers are postponed and considered for months by Craftspeople.

I remember interviewing one Craftsperson and the subject of her business card came up. She had been in business for three months and was researching the most cost-effective way to have business cards printed. She had investigated the local printer, Staples, and a friend who was a graphic designer. The research had taken her weeks, yet still she hesitated because she viewed the investment as a significant ex-

pense. She saw it as a few hundred dollars out of her pocket and every penny that she saved could be put towards other purchases, both personal and business.

As a marketer, you need to be realistic about your chances of selling to this sector. If you are a price leader in your category, go full steam ahead. If you are at parity with other players in your industry, proceed with caution. If, however, you're a premium-priced solution, think twice about selling to the Craftsperson market.

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