Small Business Marketing Campaigns That Resonate

As is explained in Chapter 3 of this book, no hard and fast rules exist for creating a small business marketing campaign. However, I do realize that small business marketers would like to see some recent examples of campaigns that captured the attention of entrepreneurs. For this reason I include this appendix, which features 10 interesting small business marketing campaigns from the last few years.

Each campaign was selected because of a unique insight or tactic. These are by no means the only successful marketing campaigns targeting small business (in fact, some of the companies highlighted were significantly impacted in the so-called tech wreck of the past two years), but they are full of lessons useful to marketers.

In order to give you an idea of each of these small business marketers' unique challenges and creative approaches, I provide a case study of each campaign that includes background, objectives, strategy, creative approach, and results. At the end of each case study, I explain why I find the campaign is interesting and which important insights make it worth a mention in this book.

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