P Pi Pd P P

Basic Production (6w) CTC (Shell)

Introduction to Drilling and Producton Techniques (5w) CTC Round I Self Study Examination (1 day) CTC Mud and Cement Chemistry {1wj STC Drilling Techniques (5w) CTC


P133 Well Control Refresher (3d) STC

P211 Production Chemistry (7d) STC

PD02 Round II Self Study Examination (3 days) CTC

P201 Petroleum Engineering (2w) CTC

P215 Production Techniques (2w) STC

P230 Drilling Techniquues (3w) CTC

P231 Mud and Cement Chemistry (integral part of P2.30)

P290 or Introduction to Business Techniques, Economics and Project

P220 Management (3w) CTC (Shell)

V2FA Safety Management (2w) STC

P233 Advanced Well Control Refresher (3d) STC

P291 Multi Discipline Project Application (3w) CTC (Shell)


PW 06

PW 07

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