Installation Basics

All HDD installation work should be performed according to the design documents and in accordance with any permit agency requirements. Before beginning construction activities the HDD contractor should become familiar with the work area and the technical requirements of the project plans. The project limits and controls should be identified by marking or staking prior to any construction to indicate the HDD entry and exit locations and the proposed HDD alignment, using no greater than 50-foot intervals. The desired location for the entry and exit points should be established after the geotechnical and topographical surveys. When choosing the relative locations of the entry and exit points, it is important to note that steering precision and drilling effectiveness are greater close to the drilling rig. Where possible, the entry point should be located close to anticipated adverse subsurface conditions.

Regardless of the planning effort, sometimes it is not possible to fit all the required HDD drilling and support equipment at the drill rig launch area. This limitation can be overcome by locating nonessential tools, parts, equipment, and supplies offsite and delivering them to the work area as needed. While this approach is frequently used, it usually results in reduced project efficiency, which means higher project costs. It is important for a HDD project's success that the planners try to provide adequate workspace. It is also important that the bidder or contractor confirm that the workspace is acceptable for the plans and the equipment they are intending to use. If not, alternatives need to be developed to provide the required workspace.

The owner, engineer, and contractor share the responsibility to confirm that the HDD project can be successfully completed in the approved time frame. Schedule constraints in the contract documents, such as work days and work hours allowed, must be reasonable and allow sufficient time to meet the project timeline. The driller must schedule the HDD operation to be compatible with the constraints and meet the project timeline. While drilling scheduling is often thought of as an obvious function, more than one HDD project has run into difficulties due to poor scheduling. Often a pullback operation is interrupted only to find the pipe stuck the next morning. The chance of this type of problem increases with larger diameter pipes and longer HDD distances. There are two good rules to follow: do not start the pullback unless it can be completed without interruption, and once the pullback has started, do not stop until it is completed.

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