Ultrasonics Television Photography

From a technological standpoint, all of these services are well advanced and are far more valuable than many people realize. They extend the eyes of the diver to the topside engineer, technician or supervisor. Permanent records can be obtained and kept for later comparisons or documented evidence.

Underwater application of ultrasonics is a proven means of nondestructive testing. Wall thicknesses can be measured to determine the degree of corrosion. Critical welds can be checked for cracks and other deficiencies. Strip recorders are available for permanent recording of the data.

Underwater television can be one of the most useful and effective tools available to an oil company engineer. Provided the water is not too turbid, the engineer on deck can see what is being inspected and can often direct remedial action immediately, Video tape recordings allow studies to be made to determine what courses of action should be taken.

Although underwater photos do not provide an immediate picture of subsea conditions, they do provide a permanent record which can be studied in detail. Still and motion picture cameras have been developed which can produce amazing pictures in water with almost zero visibility.

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