Bartte Water Required To Drill A Section Of Hole

A definite quantity of barite and water are required to drill a section of hole. The quantity of each depends on the length and size of the hole drilled, efficiency of the solids removal equipment, percentage of retained solids, volume of the active mud system, and the mud weight. Thus, following formula may be reasoned.









The volume and weight of the new drill solids which are not separated and retained in the mud are


EFF 1 sreJ

  • Expected cavings may be reasoned into H}
  • SG*pw *

The objective is to ascertain the volume of water and weight of barite to be added, and the volume of mud to be discarded, for the purpose of controlling the solids concentration in the recirculated mud while drilling avsection of hole. The following equation is based on the conservation of mass of the drill solids. If the pits are to be maintained at a constant volume, it is only necessary to set the following equation equal to zero and solve for the quantity of mud to be discarded,

AVmud = Vf

Srdsd*Vd +

rds mud


The volumes and weights of the barite and water to be added are resolved in the following.

From the sketch and the conservation of mass of the mud, the following equation is written.

The conservation of volume which is adequate for barite and water, but is not satisfactory for salts which can dissolve into water gives

The simultaneous solution of the last two equations gives the equations for the computation of the weight of barite and the volume of water required to drill a chosen interval of formation.

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