Casing Setting Depth

Selection Casing Depths


Thus, as shown in the sketch the deepest that the hole can be drilled below the casing which is set at a depth of 2,000' is 7,200'. An attempt to drill deeper will result in a kick if permeable beds are present at 7,200' or lost circulation at the casing shoe if the mud weight is increased above the pore pressure at 7,200'.

As a consequence, the casing string must be set below 2,000' to drill deeper than 7,200'.

A casing setting depth equation is ff =


C = required shoe depth; feet ePf = equivalent formation pressure; ppg

D = drilling depth; feet drilling mud weight; ppg gas kick length; feet down hole density of gas; ppg leak off test value at depth C; ppg resistance of the formation to fracturing; psi

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