When one stand (93') of 5" by 19.5 ppf drill pipe is pulled, how many feet does the mud level drop in a 9" hole?

5"x 19.5 ppf Drill Pipe

1029 2749

The mud weight equivalent at the bottom of a 16,000' hole changes from 11.8 ppg to


  • 052 * 11.8 * (16,000 - 9.2) .052*16000
  • 11.79 ppg which is insignificant, but does point out that filling the hole on each stand prevents loss of bottom hole pressure.

A Mud Level

However, the pulling of 10 stands if drilling in the same hole at 2000 feet without filling the hole reduces the mud weight equivalent from 11.8 ppg to 11.3 ppg which may be significant.

Swabbing and lax hole filling procedures combine in reducing equivalent density and could cause problems.

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