Junk Baskets

Many types of junk baskets exist. The three categories are the plain, the reverse circulating, and the pump junk baskets. The operation of the plain junk basket is to run into the hole, circulate, cut a short core to push the object into the barrel of the junk basket, grasp the core and/or object with the fingers or grapple of the junk basket. The pipe is usually chained out of the hole (not rotated) to prevent the dropping of a partially grapped object.

Reverse circulating junk baskets are the most popular; however, they sometimes plug preventing circulation. The operation is similar to the plain junk basket with the exception that a jet fluid cross above the barrel diverts the mud stream out of the pipe, down the annulus, and then up through the barrel of the junk basket. In practice the objects are swept into the barrel of the basket by the mud. Larger objects may be cut up with a rotary shoe mill.

Mills are usually run below either a junk basket or magnet. Their purpose is to dislodge or fragmentize an object. Full gauge complete bottom hole coverage mills

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