The Gilligan

The gilligan is the easiest and fastest sidetrack method; however, it can not be oriented in azimuth and the angle of build is not particularly predictable. The method calls for the placement of one joint of drillpipe below the BHA, a cross-over sub, and then the drill bit. One thousand to five thousand pounds are put on the drill bit for the purpose of buckling the drillpipe and making the bit drill. The canting of the bit by the buckling of the drillpipe causes the bit to build angle away from the cement hole and the old plug. Normal rotary speeds are used. After drilling off the plug about ten to fifteen feet, a regular drilling BHA is run to drill the hole.

The equation derived by Lubinski gives the minimum weight on bit which will buckle the drillpipe and cant the bit.

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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