Preparing For Rig Acceptance On A Cold Stacked

This is a much more difficult and time-consuming process. Cold stacked rigs have generally been moth-balled using inhibitive chemicals. Providing that this has been done professionally then there should be little problem bringing the rig back into operational mode. The factors influencing the ease with which the rig can be brought back into operational mode are:

cold stacking procedures applied inspection during cold stacking recommissioning procedures applied

A copy of the cold stacking procedures and inspection procedures used by the drilling contractor should be sourced as soon as practicable. These documents will give an immediate impression of the attention that the operation was given.

The drilling contractor will also have a recommissioning procedure programme and a copy of this document should also be sought. If this is laid out in a flow chart form then it can be seen exactly when power will be available, load tests will be carried out and pressure testing will be done. As far as possible, we should try to work within the drilling contractor's schedule to minimise upheaval during recommissioning. Clearly, if some of these items that we want tested are not in the contractor's own list, then these have to be fitted into their programme. Exactly where they should fit in should be resolved in discussions with the drilling contractor prior to setting foot on the rig.

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