Production testing PT

A production test is flowing a well through tubing and surface equipment in a temporarily completed well. Its primary purpose is to collect information to predict well and reserve oil performance under future operational conditions. The well is produced according to a schedule of predetermined rates, during which bottom hole and tubing head pressures are recorded and produced fluid quantities are measured. In the course of the test, wire line formation tests (WLFT) can also be taken.

Depending on the test objectives, the duration of the test may range from a few days to several weeks/months. The PT method is often considered to be very time-consuming and expensive, but those concerned with the planning and execution of the test must always judge the duration and cost of testing in relation to the potential rewards and to the overall venture costs. Often, complete production stations and, sometimes, very cosily offshore platforms, are designed on the basis of one or two production tests. In either context, the cost of a few days testing might be quite modest. It may be observed that the time and money spent production testing is a good investment ensuring the profitability of a field development.

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