Society Of Petroleum Engineers



Robert F. Mitchell, Editor

Petroleum Engineering


Geomechanics Applied to Drilling Engineering

Dan Moos

Drilling Fluids

Gary West, John Hall, and Simon Seaton

Fluid Mechanics for Drilling

R.F. Mitchell and Kris Ravi

Well Control: Procedures and Principles

Neal Adams

Introduction to Roller-Cone and Polycrystalline Diamond Drill Bits III

W.H. Wamsley, Jr. and Robert Ford

Directional Drilling -

David Chen

Casing Design -

R.F. Mitchell

Introduction to Wellhead Systems

Mike Speer

9 Cementing

Ron Crook

10 Drilling Problems and Solutions

11 Introduction to Well Planning

Neal Adams

12 Underbalanced Drilling

Steve Nas

13 Emerging Drilling Technologies

Roy C. Long

14 Offshore Drilling Units

Mark A. Childers

15 Drilling-Data Acquisition

Iain Dowell, Andrew Mills, Marcus Ridgway, and Matt Lora

16 Coiled-Tubing Well Intervention and Drilling Operations!!

Alex Sas-Jaworsky, II, Curtis Blount, and Steve M. Tipton

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