Drilling Ahead In HPHT Formations

The intention of this procedure is to maintain full pressure control during drilling operations and have the bit as close as possible to bottom in case a kick should occur. At the same time have the kelly valve close to the rotary table in order to carry out jobs which require a tool joint near the rotary table, e.g. installation of high pressure circulation lines, wireline lubricator, etc.

The recommended procedure is:

  1. Make-up a kelly cock (15,000psi) to the single in the mouse-hole. The valve is to be in the open position.
  2. Make-up the single onto the top drive.
  3. Drill the single and break out above the kelly cock.
  4. Pick-up a new single with another kelly cock (15,000psi).
  5. Break out and lay down the kelly cock in the string.

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Advertising With Circulars

Advertising With Circulars

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