Fishing Procedures Overshot

1) Plan the operation taking into account the following factors:

  • The catching action of the tool will stress the fish neck in words.
  • A regular, smooth shape of the fish neck is necessary for a successful operation.
  • Jarring is only possible only using type SFS, FS and XFS overshots.
  • If the fish diameter is near the maximum catch or size, a spiral grapple is recommended. On the other hand, if the fish diameter is considerably below the maximum catch size, a basket grapple is preferable.
  • If the hole is enlarged, use an oversize guide or run a bent drill pipe just above the overshot.
  • When the fish has been milled over, if possible, run an overshot extension to avoid catching the fish by the milled part.
  1. Run the fishing assembly, space out as required, and make up the kelly.
  2. Lower the overshot to just above the fish and circulate for a few minutes to clean the top of the fish. Do not circulate excessively to as this may enlarge the hole.
  3. Prior to engaging the fish, record the weight of fishing string (up, down and rotating) with and without circulation.
  4. To engage a fish, the fishing string is lowered and rotated to the right very slowly, pumping at minimum rate. During the engaging operation, continuously monitor the weight indicator and stand pipe pressure.
  5. As the fish is engaged, allow the right hand torque to slack out and pull on the fish picking up rapidly the fishing string 5 to 8ft (2 to 3m). Drop the string 2 to 4ft (approximately 1m) and catch it in the brake to make sure that there is a firm grip.
  6. If possible, it should be considered to circulate bottoms up through the fish before pulling out of hole, particularly if potential reservoirs are exposed or penetration rates were high.

ENI S.p.A. Agip Division

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