General Procedures

  1. The Company Drilling and Completion Supervisor shall be present on the rig floor at the beginning of every trip to check for fill-up.
  2. Before the start of tripping out of the hole with drill pipe, the following criteria must be followed, unless authorised by Company Drilling and Completion Manager/Drilling Superintendent:
  • Bottoms up must be circulated.
  • No loss of circulation must be recorded.
  • No indication of on influx.
  • The mud density going into and coming out of the hole shall not differ more than 24g/l (0.2ppg).

3) A flow check shall be taken at the following points:

  • Immediately above off bottom.
  • At the lowest casing shoe (regardless of the fill-up status).
  1. Prior to the start of tripping out, make sure that mud is conditioned in order to have the minimum gel strength value within the desired values.
  2. Before each trip, the rotary slips shall be inspected for worn or broken inserts and any replacements made. Replacement inserts should be available on the rig at all times.
  3. Prior to pulling out of hole, the drill pipe should be slugged with a heavy pill. The volume and density of the pill should be determined by Company Drilling and Completion Supervisor based on the following factors:
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