Landing The BOP Stack

  1. Tension the guide lines for landing the BOP stack.
  2. Run the TV camera or ROV. Focus on the lower extremities of the BOP stack.
  3. Open the motion compensator.
  4. Lower the BOP stack until the connector lands on the wellhead housing. Observe the landing with the TV.
  5. Latch the connector. With the Motion Compensator make a pick up test of 50,000lbs (15t) above the stack weight to verify the connector is correctly locked down.
  6. Adjust the riser tensioners to full working tension as per the rig operating manual and/or riser analysis programme. During the life of the well, it may be necessary to vary the riser tension due to an increase in mud weight or weather conditions.
  7. Reduce the tension in the guide wires.
  8. Install the choke and kill hoses to the terminal fittings on the slip joint.
  9. Install the slip joint packing control lines.
  10. By pumping down choke or kill line, test the wellhead connector and the casing against the blind/shear rams to the pressure indicated in the drilling programme.
  11. Install the diverter package and rotary table.

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