Running The Bop And Riser System Bop Stack And Riser Preparation

After 20" casing has been run and cemented, the BOP stack and the riser will be run and latched.

The BOP stack must be checked and tested and the riser elements inspected in order to have the equipment ready to run as soon as possible after cementing the 20" casing.

The following is a list of suggested inspections and tests.

  1. Open all rams.
  2. Check the sealing elements for wear or damage.
  3. Clean the bore and the ram cavities with a high pressure stream of water in order to be able to detect the presence of dents.
  4. Replace the bonnet seals.
  5. Visually inspect the annulars sealing elements.
  6. Check for trash behind the rubber element of the spherical by measuring the ID of the element.
  7. Pressure test the stack on the test stump to its rated working pressure (or to the working pressure of the wellhead connector if this is less than that of the BOP).
  8. Function test the BOP through both pods. Each time a function is operated note the volume of the fluid used for the functioning and closing times. These figures are essential to determine whether or not the BOP and its control system are working correctly.
  9. Pressure test the choke manifold.
  10. Clean and inspect all connectors on the riser sections and pup joints to be used.

ENI S.p.A. Agip Division

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