Telescopic Joint Slip Joint

  1. 6.1 Function. The basic function of the telescopic joint is to compensate for the relative translational movement between the vessel and the riser. The outer barrel provides structural support for riser tensioner loads.
  2. 6.2 Typical Design. A telescopic joint has an outer barrel which is connected to the drilling riser, an inner barrel which is connected to the drilling vessel, and a tensioner ring which transmits loads from the tensioner system to the outer barrel of the riser.
  3. 6.2.1 Riser Tensioner Attachment. The riser tensioner lines typically attach to the tensioner ring near the top of the telescopic joint outer barrel. This attachment provides the structural interface between the marine riser and the tensioner system. Padeyes on the tensioner ring accommodate pinned connections at the ends of the tensioner lines. The tensile load to support the riser is transmitted through the riser tensioner ring to the pipe wall of the outer barrel and subsequently through the couplings and pipe walls of the riser joints.
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